Best Bongs for Weed

Best Bongs for Weed Introduction

Bongs are one of those smoking accessories that are wholly individual to the smoker. So trying to answer the “best bong” question is a fairly difficult task. There’s a multitude of fantastic glass designs and features, alongside some budget-friendly pieces, ultimately it will always come down to if you’re a collector, and most importantly how good the hit is!

Below we’ve featured three bongs that are highly rated alongside having been stunningly designed and well priced. 

Famous Brandz Aquarius Bubble Base Ice Bong

Famous Brandz Aquarius Bubble Base Ice Bong

Stand-out design is the first thing you’ll notice with this Famous Brandz Aquarius Bubble Base Ice Bong. Bold, bright colors immediately catch the eye. A fantastic addition to any collector’s glass collection.

Featuring a removable inside-cut measuring 18.8mm > and a 14.5mm diffuser downstem alongside ice notches that deliver excellent filtration.

A slitted UFO percolator can be found underneath the aforementioned ice notches within the tube, this allows the smoke to be broken up delivering a hit that is both smoother, and cooler.

Additionally, this bong comes with a male 14.5mm herb bowl featuring a sturdy handle that doubles as a roll stopper as well as making it easier to remove the bowl.

Black Leaf Hanuman Straight Ice Bong with 10-Arm Tree Perc

Black Leaf Hanuman Straight Ice Bong with 10-Arm Tree Perc

Here we have a newly designed, beautiful, tall ice bong by the popular glass producer Black Leaf. With a brash, colorful design to the front that would stand out even in the most noisest collections.

Aptly named after the revered Hindu God of wind, Hanuman, this straight Ice Bong is wonderfully constructed from 7mm thick borosilicate glass and measures an impressive 50 cm / 19.7 inches in height alongside featuring a quality 10-arm slitted tree percolator that delivers awesome filtration.

Three ice notches, slitted diffuser downstem, and a male herb bowl with roll stopper marble are some of the Hanumans stand out features. With proper care and cleaning this exquisite bong will undoubtedly last for years to come.

All in all the Black Leaf Hanuman Straight Ice Bong is an excellent bong that is ideal for sharing with friends.

LA Pipes Limited Edition Iridescent Disco Beaker Set

LA Pipes Limited Edition Iridescent Disco Beaker Set

Another unusal but classic piece to add to your collection. The LA Pipes Limited Edition Iridescent Disco Beaker Bong is both sleek and compact with a solid feel. If you’re after a dependable simple to use bong that does the job perfectly well from a popular glass producer then this bong may be perfect for you.

The iridescent finish gives the bong an appearance of constantly changing color. This hypnotic finish disguises the well-known beaker shape and quality made borosilicate tubing.

Featuring a removable diffused downstem, male flower bowl alongside banger for all your concentrates, and titanium iridescent dabber featuring covers made from silicone. Additionally, the ice notches deliver a cooler smoother hit.

Best Bongs for Weed Summary

This small selection of bongs may not be on everyone’s list but they will be someone’s favorite and are excellently priced alongside being highly rated and delivering some smooth hits.

Additionally, if you’d like to see a larger collection of some of the best bongs then head on over to this resource here – thehighestcrop.com who have recently published an extensive product review and buyers guide.