Fresno County cannabis laws

The following summary of Fresno County cannabis laws is for informational purposes only. If you need legal advice, consult an attorney.

In July 2010, Fresno County supervisors passed an urgency ordinance prohibiting medical cannabis dispensaries. In August of that same year, that 45-day prohibition was extended until July 13, 2012. A final set of medical cannabis laws, banning dispensaries and limiting cultivation to specified industrial zones with stringent conditions, was finalized in 2011.

Resolution directing staff to develop medical cannabis dispensary regulations (7-13-2010)

Staff report on urgency ordinance establishing a moratorium on medical cannabis dispensaries (7-13-2010)

Medical cannabis dispensary moratorium (7-13-2010)

Board addendum directing case-by-case review of existing dispensaries (7-13-2010)

Staff report on dispensary moratorium extension (8-24-2010)

Moratorium extension (8-24-2010)

Outdoor cultivation ban (9-14-2010)

Cultivation ban addendum (9-14-2010)

Cultivation ban extension (10-26-10)

Cultivation ban extension staff report (10-26-10)

Staff report on draft medical cannabis ordinance (12-7-10)

Draft medical cannabis regulations (July 2011)

Latest revision to Fresno County cannabis laws, banning dispensaries and limiting cultivation to manufacturing zones. (passed Aug. 9, 2011)

Changes to Fresno County cannabis laws were proposed by a working group of local medical cannabis patient-providers, county staff, law enforcement and members of the general public, but they were rejected by the Board of Supervisors in November 2011. Staff report.