Yuba County sets new limits on growing cannabis

Yuba County supervisors on Tuesday voted to approve a new ordinance that defines where growing cannabis is permitted. The new law is intended to replace a more restrictive ordinance that prompted a lawsuit by local Prop. 215 patients.

Attorney Jeff Lake said the new ordinance limits the number of marijuana plants that can be grown instead of limiting cultivation area, the Appeal-Democrat reports. A total of 18 plants can be grown on less than an acre while up to 99 plants are allowed on more than 20 acres, he said. The ordinance also covers growing cannabis indoors, limiting lighting to 1,200 watts and prohibiting access to minors, among other provisions.

Tuesday’s vote was the first reading of the ordinance, which takes effect 30 days after the board takes a final vote. Sam McConnell, president of the Yuba County Growers Association, said after the 4-1 vote, “We’ve made history.” Replacing a more restrictive measure that was booed in April at a Board of Supervisors meeting, the new ordinance can be used as a model by other counties hoping to set rules on growing cannabis, he said.

Read Yuba County’s latest rules on growing cannabis.

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