Fresno supervisors back cannabis cultivation ban

Fresno County supervisors voted Tuesday to support a total cannabis cultivation ban, affecting all indoor and outdoors gardens. The latest move would build upon the county’s previous ban on cannabis dispensaries, while deleting the current permitting provisions for cultivation facilities.

Supervisors will return Jan. 7 for a second vote and final approval of the canna-ban. On Tuesday, they rejected an alternative plan that would have allowed for limited indoor cultivation. Violation of the new ordinance can be punished as a criminal misdemeanor, but the more likely scenario involves issuing growers citations with fines starting at $1,000 per plant. Added fines of $100 per plant per day are added for those who don’t rip their plants immediately, and the plan is to follow Kern County’s lead by using armed sheriff’s deputies for site visits instead of civilian code enforcement officers.

Fresno Bee coverage: Fresno County supervisors move to ban marijuana farms
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The latest move by the Board of Supervisors follows the introduction in September of an ordinance that was loosely modeled after Kern County’s cannabis law. They chuckled at the prospect of being able to fine growers $1,000 per day per plant, but when it came time for final approval in October they balked at Kern’s 12-plant limit per parcel and its (very limited) provisions for dispensaries. Concerned about sending out “wrong messaging” on cannabis cultivation, they directed county counsel to come back with a zero-tolerance option, which is labeled as “Attachment B” in the document below.

Fresno County Total Cannabis Ban